Libero Counselling

Accredited counselling and psychotherapist practitioners who work with individuals, couples, families and groups.

Libero Counselling open for business!

In the Heart of Southsea a group of highly qualified counsellors and psycotherapists have come together to create a unique counselling practice. The group practice is a collective force of wealth and knowledge in helping individuals in distress. Here at Libero, the counsellors have worked for the NHS and private sector for over 20 years, this knowledge and wisdom has pulled together under one roof to foster well being across the board for people in mental, emotional and physical distress. The practice provides short and long term counselling for one to one, couples and families for adults and children. Along side the counselling we also host support, focused and experiential group work, meditation and mindfullness weekly meetings. The practice ethos is to provide high quality therapy in a comfortable space that promotes well being and support for the surrounding community.

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By author: Tony Ford