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Rachel Swanton

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My Qualifications

  • Counselling Diploma 2008
  • Certificate in Counselling Children & adolescents 2009
  • BA Hons Humanistic Counselling 2011

I continue to develop with regular training courses, Such as:

  • Trauma workshops
  • CBT workshops
  • Couple Counselling workshops
  • First aid
  • Safe Guarding Children and Vulnerable adults
  • Mental Health training

I have been a qualified counsellor since 2008 and as a registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and I work closely with the ethical guidelines which have been set for both client and counsellor. I have experience of working in depth with many clients covering a great deal of issues.


I work with adults, Children and young people offering my younger clients play and creative therapies.

I aim to offer a confidential and safe space where you can redress your life situations and replenish your mind body and soul.

I can offer a place for you to talk through your experiences, with time and space to help you reflect, deal with life’s challenges, build your confidence and help you to identify the source of your problems. You can grow in self-awareness and understand yourself and others better.

If you are going through difficulties don’t be alone. A talking therapy, with a qualified Counsellor, can help you to explore your thoughts and feelings, gain empowerment and start to put the perspective back into your life.


How I work with children and young people


Often in a child’s world they may not know the words to express how they feel and for this reason when I work alongside a child I tend to work with Creative arts which includes play therapy.

We are all born with the ability to play and be creative and over the years many of us lose this – maybe because of parents, our peers, life experiences and social expectations.

However play, aids letting go of uncertainties and fear, therefore helps create a rich, receptive space where healing can happen. It allows unconscious expression to emerge, externalises internal messages for example, learned behaviours.


It frees the imagination, enlightening expressive creativity.


Theoretically, play takes the form of projection. For example a child may project their anger at their parents, at school, but in counselling if they project it onto a puppet or an inanimate object no one will get angry back, the words are free and the space is a safe environment for them to be angry.


There are many different ways of working and depending on the child and their needs I will use:

  • Play
  • Art
  • Sand
  • Senses
  • Music
  • Puppets
  • Visual
  • Games
  • Movement
  • Bibliotherapy (Writing/Poetry/Stories)

If words do not come easy…..I help them find a way


This safe, stable relationship can aid gentle exploration, and can build confidence and self-esteem it can help them to explore their thoughts, feelings and fears that come about as a result of their abuse.



For further information or to book an appointment please contact me on:

Tel: 07748 783476